Lina, Maria, Jackie, Atziri, Beatrice Fundraising
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Lina, Maria, Jackie, Atziri, Beatrice Fundraising

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page and happy Farmworker Awareness Week!

We hope after reading this you will consider helping us meet our combined goal of $2,000.

Farmworkers rights are something we are all passionate about and continuing SAF’s important work is something that is very near and dear to our heart.

Los campesinos alimentan al mundo, farmworkers feed the world!

We all eat food so this is an issue that affects all of us. 85% of our food is handpicked, and unfortunately farmworkers lack many of the protections and regulations awarded to many workers in the United States. They work long hours under arduous conditions, and they deserve our support and attention.

SAF works connecting students to farmworkers together to learn about each other’s lives, share resources and skills, improve conditions for farmworkers, and build diverse coalitions working for social change.

SAF envisions a world where students and community members actively work together with farmworkers for justice in the agricultural system.

Why do we care?

This is my third internship with SAF because I value so much the work they do, and the effort they put into building relationships and telling stories. I’ve grown so much as a person and as an activist by being a part of this organization. As I help recruit the new class of SAF summer interns, I hope they make room for farmworkers to explore their own aspirations. I hope they ask farmworkers about their hobbies and their passions. I hope we all take strides to see farmworkers as full human beings, who are not simply defined by their occupation. Yes, a lot of them come to this country to work, and they are proud of the work that they do. But reducing them to a single narrative is what is preventing them from imagining a future where they can do more than simply work in the fields.

- Lina 

This organization has impacted my life in so many ways and has empowered me to continue the work SAF does through advocating for better work conditions in my own state of Idaho. Coming as an intern and as a farmworker myself I saw myself reflected through the stories I heard from these farmworkers. I saw my dad, mom, sister, brother in all of these workers. I learned about the dreams and aspirations these workers have in coming the USA.

“I come here to give my daughter a better life in Mexico”- H2A worker

I remember meeting and sharing stories from all over Latin American. There words of inspiration, dedication and struggle to come to America in order for them to achieve their dreams not just for themselves but for there families.

- Beatrice

One of my most fond memories since being with SAF has been getting to share stories with the workers during our theater visits. I got to be part of the theater group this past summer where we did a play about family separation, wage theft, contracts, and stress. After each performance we would get to reflect with them. We’d ask if there was anyone they related to or if they had ever experienced anything we had demonstrated. And, while the themes were heavy they were always so open and expressive. Their outlooks on life were so inspiring. They knew they weren’t in the best situation but their love for their families and their reasons behind being in America was inspiring. That’s why SAF’s work is important to me. They deserve their work and dedication and livelihood to be acknowledged and valued.

“Compañeros tengan mas cuidado con éste sistema un sistema opresivo que nos hace dano, pero los derechos ayudan.”


Ever since I got involved with SAF, I became more educated and aware of farmworker rights, immigrant rights, and just social justice in general. Everyone is human and should be treated and viewed equally. Many people do not realize that farmworkers play an important role in our everyday lives and in this country. They are out every single morning, 6 or even all 7 days of the week, picking our crops so that we can have food on our tables. Having the opportunity to be part of this amazing program has been awesome, I have learned many leadership skills, gained more confidence in myself and learned how to act towards injustice. What I like about SAF, is that they involve students to participate in their work and are able to use their voices to speak out for farmworkers. Most farmworkers come to this country with dreams, that life is much better on this side, but they come to the reality that all the hard work they do, most the time isn’t appreciated. Our fundraising page is connected with National Farmworker Awareness Week, so thank the farmworkers by contributing a donation to SAF, so they can keep working for social justice to farmworkers!


“Sino hablo no seré escuchado”. “If I don’t speak I will not be heard.”

Hearing this from a farmworker had a huge impact on me. While I was reflecting on what he said I thought about how farmworkers are often forgotten and not recognized for the important work they do. Farmworkers are very important because they bring the food to the table for the rest of the population. Therefore, they need to be listened to and recognized. SAF does a great job on not only listening to them and the issues they face but on taking action towards those issues and advocating for farmworkers justice. I have been privileged enough to be part of SAF and I will always be grateful to SAF for giving me the opportunity to learn more about social justice, and the issues surrounding the farmworker population, to hear stories from people that usually don’t get a chance, or a platform, to share their stories.


We hope you will consider donating to our page and help continue SAF’s important work!

Help us meet our goal!


ABOUT 2017-2018 Program Fundraising
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Melinda Wiggins 04/17/2018 $75.00  
Abby Muehlstein 04/11/2018 $15.00 Proud to support the good work SAF does!
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Yeimi Tomas 04/04/2018 $10.00 Love y'all!! Safistas for life!
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Girija Mahajan 04/03/2018 $20.00 Thanks for your hard work on behalf of this great organization Lina!
Lina Palancares 04/03/2018 $20.00  
Lina Van Bennekom 04/03/2018 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 04/03/2018 $20.60 Nicholas Marino's Donation
Lissa Neira 04/03/2018 $5.00 Absolutely incredible work! So proud and so excited to hear what SAF does next!
Samantha Holmes 04/03/2018 $40.00 Thank you for all that you do!
Sandra M. Rodriguez 04/03/2018 $50.00  
Anonymous Friend 04/01/2018 $10.00 Thank you for all your good work, Lina!
Anonymous Friend 03/31/2018 $10.00 Keep up the great work Atziri!
Heide Hernandez-Jimenez 03/30/2018 $30.00 Shoutout for the awesome work y'all are doing!
Maria Magdalena Lopez Gonzalez 03/30/2018 $20.00  
Junior Soto 03/30/2018 $70.00  
Jessica Rodriguez 03/29/2018 $25.00 LOVE YALL!
Joe Guerra 03/29/2018 $25.00 Continue the good fight for social justice.
Karina Neyra 03/29/2018 $30.00  
Stephanie Gonzalez Garcia 03/29/2018 $15.00 Un abrazo a todas and keep up the good work!!
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Myrka Moreno 03/26/2018 $10.00 Couldn't be more proud to call y'all my friends! Hasta la victoria!
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